How to earn money newsclap website in 2022

How to earn money newsclap website in 2022

There are several websites for virtual assistants, such as Virtalent and 24/7 Virtual Assistant, which offer -12 10-12 hours and 20-120 hours per month. However, these websites usually require extensive experience in this field before they can take you further. If you are new to VA or PA, you can apply to work on job websites such as Reed, TotalJobs or Glassdoor.

Make money by surveying

If you prefer to invest less in both time and money, you can make money by answering online surveys. You can do this even when you watch Netflix too much. Rewards depend on the website – some offer vouchers, but many also pay via PayPal or directly at your bank.

Although this is a relatively small effort, it can take a long time to increase your income Рsurveys pay less than £ 5.05 and a maximum of £ 10 each, most of which are at the bottom of the spectrum. You can start with sites like YouGov, Prolific, Swagbucks, LifePoints, Survey Junkie and OneOpinion.

Make sure you get prizes and cashback.

When reviewing your bank account, make sure you are registered for prizes and refunds whenever possible. Some bank accounts offer a refund and you may be eligible for reward schemes. If not here’s a new product just for you!

Start a blog or website.

Popular websites and blogs make hundreds if not thousands through affiliate marketing, advertising and brand partnerships.


Creating a money-making blog is definitely not a short-term solution, but it can provide long-term income if you want to know how digital marketing works. Most successful blogs get most of their traffic either through organic search (through a process called SEO) or by following standards through social media.